Saturday, January 19, 2013

(Amazing) Grace Coddington: An Irreplaceable Figure in the Fashion Industry

I am currently reading Grace: A Memoir, the incredibly popular story of the greatest living stylist of all time, Grace Coddington. With her humble beginnings in the moors of England to her title as creative director of American Vogue, Coddington is truly an icon for anyone looking to enter the fashion industry.

Unlike Anna Wintour, Grace had a isolated childhood during which she would wait weeks for a copy of American Vogue to reach a local store. She did not come from wealth and her lost her father at a very young age. Grace pursued a career in modeling and slowly worked her way up to British Vogue after a few failed marriages and a car accident that took many surgeries to correct her physical appearance.

After British Vogue, Grace came to America to work for Calvin Klein but soon came to the realization that her true love was magazines. This caused her to contact her old friend Anna Wintour looking for a job. Anna Wintour had just agreed to take over as editor-in-chief of American Vogue and invited Grace to start at the same time. Despite Anna's demanding personality she and Grace have worked together for years and continue to do so today.

Thanks to the hit documentary, The September Issue, Grace has become a celebrity by winning over the fashion crowd with her laid back personality and sense of humor which can see in the videos below.

Grace speaking about her constant efforts to be inspired. Her words themselves make you want to pay attention more to the world around you and find inspiration in everything.

An upset Grace can be seen in the clip above after Anna cut images from a shoot she worked on for the September issue.

I love the texture shoot above, one of my favorite Vogue spreads of all time. We really see Grace's superior taste and style come through here and throughout the entire film.

Have you read Grace Coddington's memoir or seen The September Issue? Tell me below!


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