Saturday, February 23, 2013

How to Be Fashionable in a Coffee Shop

Today will begin a series of style posts giving you suggestions on what to wear to certain dining establishments. I wanted to start out with something basic and common to most people, the coffee shop. I myself do not drink coffee, I drink tea. However, I do love to go to coffee shops for the sweets and people watching. Now matter where you are in the world, a coffee shop is a place where people can gather to work, relax, or meet up with friends.

My idea for the collage below came from the cafes of Europe where people take their coffee seriously and dress with the same attitude. Neutrals found without your accessories are perfect additions to the colors found within your core outfit. Here, mint and coral complement each other perfectly. Why is this you may ask? They are hues of red and green which are complementary colors on the color wheel.

The idea here is to dress chic and look your best as you never know who you will run into in your local coffee shop. Save the sweats for your workout!


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  1. That trench coat with the leopard is Gorgeous!