Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Post with New Camera!

I recently purchased a Canon Rebel T3i and am in love. I debated over this purchase for a long time but finally found a price that I found reasonable. It was totally worth the investment. Below you will see me wearing a vintage three piece suit that just went up for sale on my Asos Marketplace site.

What camera do you use?

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Setting Goals as a Fashion Blogger

When someone asks me what I do, naming myself as a fashion blogger is a common response. I also mention the fact that I work in real estate as well as a fashion stylist. My life is a mix of things I love, clothing and housing. They actually complement each other quite well because without a home where would we store all of our fabulous belongings? In all seriousness, I love what I do but life gets crazy from time to time.

For me, I need to set goals as a fashion blogger to motivate me and aim for success. Here are some areas where I think fashion bloggers can really make a difference in their motivation and overall happiness in doing what they do.

1. Setting up time to blog
For me, I currently blog on Saturday afternoons. Some people blog everyday. I think ideally one should blog two to three times a week to keep a nice balance in the middle. My goal is to write two to three times a week and see how it goes. It also helps if you pick a specific day and set aside time so that you will not have any distractions while writing.

2. Be mindful of your content
My blog was created as an ode to vintage clothing. After I started to get more traffic I had the notion to broaden my topics beyond vintage. At the time I thought it was a great idea but now I realize that my blog, Other People's Trash, should be all about vintage clothing. I could even compare vintage to modern day trends! What I am saying is, if your blog has a theme... stick to it.

3. Invest, invest, invest
Right now I am looking to upgrade my camera. A cheap investment? No. A good one? Yes. For anyone posting pictures to a blog, a good camera can really make a difference. It is not only cameras you should invest in, but rather your entire blog.  It can use some TLC from time to time. Right now I am also looking to redo the appearance of my blog as well. Having a personalized background can be a lot of fun and make your page stick out to readers.

4. Constantly check your statistics
Even if you do it just for fun, it is amazing to see who actually reads your content. Right now I have an extremely high readership among the Swedes. A shout out to them for their support! You can also learn about what key words people are searching for that lead them to your blog. This can also tie in with goal #2 because your post title can have a huge effect on the volume of views your blog receives every month. Think SEO.

5. Don't get caught up on viewers.
The amount of viewers I have in comparison to views per month is ridiculous. In today's digital world I can understand why people don't want to follow a blog. They probably get so much junk mail everyday that the fear of clicking another button and receiving more mail is very real. I am perfectly happy with my traffic right now despite the fact that I don't have an equally high number of viewers.

What are some of your blogging goals?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sequins, and Boucle, and Denim... Oh My!

I love mixing textures. It is one of the best ways to add depth to an otherwise boring outfit. The combinations are endless and can provide that special oomph that every ensemble needs. Below, I mixed a boucle jacket with studs, a denim button down, and a sequined skirt. When wearing an outfit such as this I am usually approached with the question, "How did you think to put those pieces together?" The honest truth is that the less you think, the better. A lot of people wear skirts, button downs, and blazers together. This is what we usually call a skirt suit. What I do when creating an outfit like this is think to myself, "How could I make this so drastically different from the norm?" This is about all the thinking that I do because my distance from a normal skirt suit allows me tremendous freedom to pick and choose whatever I want. 

Some helpful tips:
  • Keep within the same color family. If you notice, blue is a common theme below. 
  • Find something to really make your outfit stand out, my sequined skirt was my eye-catching element.
  • Tights that match your skirt will elongate your legs. 
  • Keep jewelry minimal.
  • Cuff your sleeve over your blazer for extra dimension.

How do you layer?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Earrings: A True Story of How a Vintage Purchase Made Me Feel Incredibly Stupid

In September of last year I took a trip to Cape Cod with my boyfriend. Cape Cod has plenty of antique stores, many overpriced, but I decided to take a trip to a few and see what they had to offer. Luckily for me the first store I entered had a lot of vintage jewelry. After picking out two pieces from a case the saleswoman alerted me to a "clearance basket" of jewelry where everything was 75% off.

It was within this basket that I found a pair of Monet vintage clip-on earrings. They were around $2.00 and looked really cool, a total impulse purchase.

I won't lie, at first these earrings really had me stumped. I was trying to clip them on to my lobes which did not work as they were too top heavy. After a few tries I gave up on them and vowed to find another creative use for them. Last night, while looking for some earrings, I came across my unique purchase and felt that they were just too special to give up on. And then it hit me, they hang from the cartilage of the ear! Voila! 

I have to admit that I felt pretty stupid for not figuring this out right away on my own. I suppose in the realm of modern day earrings these are anything but ordinary, or at least this is what I will tell myself for comfort. 

Have you made any recent vintage purchases? 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Vintage Vantage Point: Why Most Women Secretly Want to be Holly Golightly

There is a high positive correlation between people who love fashion and people who love Breakfast at Tiffany's. Actually, there is a high positive correlation between women in general and women who love Breakfast at Tiffany's. Personally, I love the movie even if it is a bit cliche. What I love even more is the character of Holly Golightly, brought to paper by Truman Capote and brought to life by Audrey Hepburn. An icon in both the literary and cultural world, Holly Golightly is someone many women aspire to be like, act like, or even look like. I am a big fan of lists so here are my top five reasons why women secretly want to be Holly Golightly. Even if you do not agree with all five you can probably find at least one reason. 

1. The Apartment- Holly's apartment is often in a chaotic state but this makes it all the more covetable. I don't care what anyone says, you have thought about what it would be like to have a bathtub couch with a purple cushion and pink pillows. Oh and a zebra rug wouldn't be so bad either.  

2. New York- The city is Holly's playground. She goes out at night, hosts parties at her apartment, then ends up in front of Tiffany's at 5:00 a.m. with a croissant and some coffee. She said it best, "Oh I love New York."

Photo credit: The New York Times

3. The Parties- The party scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's is one of the most memorable in film history. Each person within the scene makes it unique and fun to watch. It is nice to see people dressed up for a party, men and women alike.

4. Carefree Attitude- Holly Golightly possesses the ultimate no fear attitude. She stays up late, wakes up late, and often does not know what day it is. I am not saying it is the most professional way to live but I think anyone could get used to a lifestyle like this even if only for a short while.

Photo credit: Paris Boutique Hotel 

5. (Most Importantly) The Clothes- Holly Golightly spends a lot of times flouncing around in creations by Hubert de Givenchy. The wardrobe from the film is enough to keep you inspired for hours and makes you want to start wearing a tiara. 

Photo credit: Va-Voom Vintage

Photo credit: Literate and Stylish

My Personal Favorite
Photo credit: L'hedonista

Check out two older posts of mine based on Breakfast at Tiffany's. This post focuses on a recreation of my favorite "pink look" from the film. This post is of a mood board I had to create as part of my fashion styling certification from the American College of Professional Styling. I was given the task of creating a modern day look for Holly Golightly.

Do you love Holly Golightly? Tell me why below! 

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