Monday, March 18, 2013

Sequins, and Boucle, and Denim... Oh My!

I love mixing textures. It is one of the best ways to add depth to an otherwise boring outfit. The combinations are endless and can provide that special oomph that every ensemble needs. Below, I mixed a boucle jacket with studs, a denim button down, and a sequined skirt. When wearing an outfit such as this I am usually approached with the question, "How did you think to put those pieces together?" The honest truth is that the less you think, the better. A lot of people wear skirts, button downs, and blazers together. This is what we usually call a skirt suit. What I do when creating an outfit like this is think to myself, "How could I make this so drastically different from the norm?" This is about all the thinking that I do because my distance from a normal skirt suit allows me tremendous freedom to pick and choose whatever I want. 

Some helpful tips:
  • Keep within the same color family. If you notice, blue is a common theme below. 
  • Find something to really make your outfit stand out, my sequined skirt was my eye-catching element.
  • Tights that match your skirt will elongate your legs. 
  • Keep jewelry minimal.
  • Cuff your sleeve over your blazer for extra dimension.

How do you layer?


  1. thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment!!
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  2. your eyes are stunning. i like that jacket on you too - you make the more mature fabric more playful and fresh. thanks for visiting my style blog and leaving a sweet comment!

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  3. You have amazing looks dear..!! love your eyes and sweater is look so amazing..!!