Sunday, March 10, 2013

Vintage Earrings: A True Story of How a Vintage Purchase Made Me Feel Incredibly Stupid

In September of last year I took a trip to Cape Cod with my boyfriend. Cape Cod has plenty of antique stores, many overpriced, but I decided to take a trip to a few and see what they had to offer. Luckily for me the first store I entered had a lot of vintage jewelry. After picking out two pieces from a case the saleswoman alerted me to a "clearance basket" of jewelry where everything was 75% off.

It was within this basket that I found a pair of Monet vintage clip-on earrings. They were around $2.00 and looked really cool, a total impulse purchase.

I won't lie, at first these earrings really had me stumped. I was trying to clip them on to my lobes which did not work as they were too top heavy. After a few tries I gave up on them and vowed to find another creative use for them. Last night, while looking for some earrings, I came across my unique purchase and felt that they were just too special to give up on. And then it hit me, they hang from the cartilage of the ear! Voila! 

I have to admit that I felt pretty stupid for not figuring this out right away on my own. I suppose in the realm of modern day earrings these are anything but ordinary, or at least this is what I will tell myself for comfort. 

Have you made any recent vintage purchases? 

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