Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guide to Thrift Shopping: Five Areas of a Thrift Shop You Might Overlook

The first time I ever entered a thrift shop I am positive that I only looked at women's clothing and accessories. As time moved on I became bored and started to peruse other areas for hidden treasures. Can you say jackpot? My new plan was to investigate every inch of the store and I still do this today. Below you will find a list of commonly overlooked areas within a thrift store. 

1. The Children's Section - Not all children are super small. I learned this the one day while walking through a children's aisle in passing. A navy blue blazer was sticking out of the rack and did not look much smaller than my favorite navy blazer that I wear all the time. When examining the piece I realized that it was high quality and made from Italian wool. Price tag? $3.00!!! I tried it on and it was a perfect fit. After dry cleaning I removed the original buttons and replaced them with gold ones for a cool, nautical look. I am not saying that this happens a lot in this section, but I always look regardless. 

2. Sleepwear - I have a minor obsession with vintage slips. I think they are cool to wear around the house or even with a cardigan for running errands. I have purchased a lot of these at thrift shops for around $2.00-$3.00 each. One of the best parts is that most are machine washable, keeping the dry cleaning bill low. 

3. Home Goods - Fashion-wise this is a great section to score little dishes and bowls for organizing jewelry. You can also find cool mirrors and vanity trays for decor or storage. 

4. Checkout Area - There are many times when I was filled with glory over my vintage finds that I completely passed up the cases at the checkout area. These are usually filled with various items such as designer bags or shoes but my favorite find is vintage jewelry! I could go on and on about all the vintage jewelry I have purchased in the past from thrift shops but I won't. Go see for yourself!

5. Men's Accessories - This is a great area to look for belts, suspenders, pocket squares, etc.! You can also find some cool leather briefcases in this area as well. Just like with kids, not all men are giants so you never know what you will find... even in the clothing section! 

What are your surprise finds? 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Reflection on Selling Vintage Clothing

I am not sure when I decided to start selling vintage clothing. I believe it may have been after someone told me their daughter's friend was making bank on Ebay selling pieces to people from all over the world. My closet was shrinking as was my bank account so I decided to give it a shot.

Right now I am using ASOS Marketplace and could not be happier. The site has a great international reach and an outstanding reputation.

Part of the intrigue of selling vintage is the past, present, and future of the clothing. Each piece has a story from its past, a true mystery to me and something that always leaves me guessing. Was this dress worn to a wedding? Was this purse used on a memorable family vacation? Was this necklace given as a gift? These are questions to which I will never know the answers, part of the mystery behind the process.

Once I purchase or inherit the clothing, I am part of their present. I clean them up and prepare them for the next leg of their journey. I have a separate closet for my vintage collection. While they wait to be purchased this is their home. As I look through the rows of colors and prints, I think of all the clothing that is there and all the places that it has come from; if only my closet could talk.

My greatest success with vintage thus far has been with the European market. The funkier the clothes, the faster they sell. My first sale ever was a blazer with giraffes printed all over it. Totally eccentric, yet completely fabulous. After a sale is made I prep the clothing for travel and make a trip to the post office.  Shipping to the E.U. is not cheap by any means but my customers are willing to pay for that perfect piece.

After the package ships, the piece of vintage once again becomes a mystery to me. I know very little about the customer other than their address. My greatest hope is that they enjoy their purchase and continue coming back for more. Once that person outgrows their purchase there is always a chance that the cycle will continue and that is what makes selling vintage a process that knows no boundaries of time or geography.

Check out my shop here!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Outfit of the Day: Inspired by a Summer Sunset

Spring is here and I am ready to say goodbye to tights, gloves, and winter coats. My outfit below was inspired by a summer sunset. You know what type I mean. It is when the sky is purple, pink, and orange; blending together like a Van Gogh painting. 

I am still really loving the new camera, it really brings out my eyes and makes blogging even more fun.

Sunglasses - Stella McCartney
Blazer - H&M
Belt - Thrifted 
Dress - Eyeshadow
Clutch - Expressions NYC
Booties - Libby Edelman
Rings - Target (Rock) and Thrifted
Leather Braided Bracelets - Bleu Dame
Gold Bangle - H&M
Watch - Marc by Marc Jacobs

What did you do this weekend?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Styling Assignment: Docker's "Wear the Pants" Tour

I was the lucky stylist chosen to be a part of the Docker's Wear the Pants Tour in Philadelphia. Part of a three-city tour and held in a modernized Airstream, the event is meant to change your mind about Docker's brand image. No longer your Dad's pants, Dockers has come a long way from your everyday khaki. Five styles of pants were included in the Airstream: The Alpha Khaki, The Saturday Khaki, The Signature Khaki, The SF Khaki, and The City Khaki. One of my personal favorites is the Alpha Khaki, a slim fitting pant available in a wide range of colors from neutrals like gray and black to brights like poppy red and cobalt blue.

The major draw of this event was free pants. Proof of "liking" Dockers on Facebook gained you entrance into the the khaki cave. Once inside, all you had to do was try on a pair of pants to take them home! It was that simple! Also on site was GQ Executive Stylist, Brett Fahlgren, who helped create the Khaki Rules campaign featured in the style guide on board the Airstream.

Below you will see me posing in the Docker's photo booth wearing their khakis for women, super comfortable and a bright color for spring!

This is just a little video inside the Airstream with our team! 

All in all this was a fun event that changed a lot of people's minds about Dockers. Many said that the brand "gained a new customer today". Thank you to all who came out and joined the fun!

The tour's next stop is Atlanta followed by Chicago.

Khaki Rules!