Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday Funday: Vintage Nicole Miller

There comes a point in every vintage dealer's life when one must decide, do I sell it or do I keep it? For me, the items in this post were all no brainers. Some are old, some are new, but they are all very special to me.

Hat - Vintage
Shirt (Worn as dress) - Vintage Limited Edition Nicole Miller
Belt- Vintage
Wedges - Target
Bag - Vintage
Necklace - Vintage
Sunglasses - ?

Finding a piece such as this vintage Nicole Miller top is always a great feeling and is what keeps me coming back for more. This is the perfect example of how you can buy something in a bigger size and make it work for you. 

This is a SUPER cool brass necklace that I recently found in a dark jewelry counter window at a thrift shop. It has hinged pieces versus a continuous neck. 

Are we seeing a hinged pattern here? I am... I knew when I saw this belt that it would be mine. 

This purse reminds me of Cleobella bags, but it is just a little $10 purchase from a thrift shop. 

I just can't with this hat. I just can't. It astounds me at the stuff that people give away sometimes. The band of the hat is real leather. Such amazing quality that one does not often find today. 

Lipstick: Maybelline Vivid Collection in Hot Plum

Una sonrisa porque la vida es fabulosa. 


  1. Hey girl! I totally thought that was a romper! So awesome that you're wearing that vintage Nicole Miller top as a dress! Such a cute look:)!

  2. obsessed with this look! the hat just makes the whole thing!

    XO Meghan

  3. Gorgeous outfit!! the dress looks so comfortable and flirty and I love how well your lip color goes with your hat! :D

  4. ah I love it!!!
    xo Jessica