Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fashion Flashback: Unzipped with Isaac Mizrahi

One of my favorite fashion films of all time is Unzipped, a documentary featuring the work of legendary fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. I think that so very little is known about the true life of a fashion designer. It is so much more than parties and champagne during fashion week.

The film starts with Mizrahi receiving a less than stellar review of his Spring 1994 collection by WWD. As many of us would, Mizrahi uses the criticism of the public to re-invent his line and rise, once more, to the top. The next 70 minutes are filled with self-doubt, inspiration, re-evaluation, and finally; success. The ups and downs in this documentary are ones that many people, not just fashion designers, can relate to in their everyday lives.

In this first clip, Isaac tells us about his inspiration for his Fall 1994 collection: Nanook of the North.

The clip below is my absolute favorite from the film, definitely a funny moment. YARN'T GURNA.

This clip shows various models reacting to Isaac's request for them to appear half-naked behind a scrim while the fashion show is taking place. As you will see, many of the models (Kate Moss included) are not too keen on the idea. He wants the show to appear much as a scene in the ballet would with a scrim, sans tutus.

A truly low moment of the film, the following scene shows a WWD cover feauturing a Nanook of the North collection by Jean Paul Gaultier which showed before Isaac's. I think that everyone can relate to a feeling such as this at least once in your life, even if someone did not intentionally take your idea.

A truly amazing ending, featuring some fabulous models, sequins, fur, and a scrim.

See the clips below for the full show!

What are your favorite fashion films? 

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  1. this is fab, definitely checking some of these out x