Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ten Things to Bring on a Thrift Shop Trip

1. A Cross-Body Purse - Keep your hands free while you browse through the racks.

2. Time - This is not the place to get in and back out in ten minutes. Come here when you know that you have time to look.

3. Measuring Tape - If trying on used clothes makes your skin crawl then do yourself a favor and bring something to measure the clothing. Just remember a flat measurement does not account for curves.

4. Comfortable Shoes - You will be on your feet the entire time so keep them pain free.

5. A Friend or Significant Other - If they are not thrift people there is a good chance that your enthusiasm will rub off on them, I have seen it happen before.

6. Smart Phone - Wondering if a piece is vintage or not? Bring your smart phone and do some research in the store.

7. Discount Card - A lot of thrift shops have discount cards that offer daily deals on certain items.

8. Something of Your Own to Donate - It is all about give and take and its for a good cause.

9. Multiple Methods of Payment - Some stores only accept cash, others will take credit cards but only certain types or for certain amounts.

10. Hand Sanitizer - You are going to need this for after your searching.

Speaking of vintage clothing... Check out the latest additions to my Etsy shop.

Have questions about any of the items above? Comment below!


  1. Thanks for sharing these. I love thrifting and I've actually never thought of going with a measuring tape, thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. Those are some great tips! Though sadly we don't have a good thrift shop in the neighbourhood. You've also added some wonderful items to your shop! Love the leather skirt.


  3. great finds!!!!

    xo Jessica

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