Monday, December 2, 2013

My Love Affair with Slouchy Pants

I don't like jeans. I am sure that to most people reading this post that may sound a bit odd, but it is very true. I am definitely a leggings and tights girl. This probably stems from spending a good deal of my early years in tights at ballet practice, with my Catholic school uniform, and leggings with just about everything else.

My mom bought my a really cool pair of jeans in the third grade with embroidery and mirror pieces at the bottom hem. This was the only pair I would wear for a few years and have continued to be picky about pants throughout my teenage years and twenties. 

Thanks to a the new slouchy pants trend I have found an alternative outlet for comfort. To me they are basically fancy pajama pants that I can wear to work. I was hesitant to try the trend until I saw some girls at my office wearing said pants. 

I really love them and think that they will be around for the next few seasons, so slouch away my friends. 

Jacket - Vintage
Sheer Tunic - Vintage
Slouchy Pants - TJMaxx
Shoes - Vintage
Rings - Mexico and other boutiques

I love this coat, its texture is out of this world. I really think that everyone should own a fun coat like this as it deviates from black and basic. 

The turquoise ring on the far left is from Mexico. I spent six weeks there studying abroad and promised myself that I would get a nice piece of turquoise. I didn't want the bright blue shade so this ring took me some time to find. The other rings are part of my usual pairings. 

How cute are these flats? I was totally sold when I saw the elephants on the heel. They are pretty well worn but that is okay with me. 

As a fairly new employee at Urban Outfitters, I was excited to make my first purchase with my discount. I wanted it to be something special, a total treat that was over-the-top. I think I found what I was looking for in this bib necklace. 

I hope that all my readers had a great Thanksgiving holiday! Christmas is right around the corner so remember to take time to call or see family and friends, the best gift of all. 

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