Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pre-styled Vintage Clothing from Other People's Trash

Some of us love shopping, others despise the thought of it. In the end, we all have to do it at some point in time. Despite this, even some of the most stubborn anti-shopping types like to shop for vintage clothing. Why is this? In my opinion, vintage clothing elicits memories from our past. This can be very comforting, especially when the future is a big "?" for most of us. 

A common "?" for those who shop for vintage is, "Where and how would I wear this?"  I hear this more often than not and would like to help those who wonder the "wear"and how. In the images below you will see pre-styled looks that I have put together, purely vintage pieces that complement each other, yet can be worn separately. 

All items are for sale and available for Paypal and ship, so please feel free to contact me with questions in regards to sizing or pricing.

Look One: 

I really love this look. The jeans are to die for, with embroidery on the sides and a super high waist. A crop top with peplum detailing can help balance proportions with a look like this, and keep with the western theme. The bag was hand crafted in Morocco (my dream vacation destination) and the hand beaded belt appears to be a souvenir from Colorado.  Finishing off the look is a pair of cowboy boots, what else? 

Look Two:

I am a really big fan of monochromatic dressing. Truthfully, I would wear this outfit with a green hat and bag but I decided to not go too overboard. Using a neutral like black is the perfect way to get as close to monochrome dressing as possible. A ladylike look such as this warrants an ultra femme hat, high heels, and structured bag. 

Look Three: 

Ah, the amazing orange coat. This piece is something so special and unique. It is something that you cannot find today. I personally love to mix orange and blue, and this camera bag is an amazing complement to the look. An oversized hat and geometric heels add some structure.

Look Four: 

This look screams spring and all the beauty that comes with it. A cocktail dress with surplice neckline and gathered waist complements various body types. A vibrant pink hat and yellow shoes bring out the various colors in the dress. Because of the this, keep other accessories neutral, like this brown belt and bag. 

Local to the Philadelphia area? Contact me about personal shopping appointments and vintage clothing parties! 

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