Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Wardrobe Must Have: Vintage Coats

It seems that here in Pennsylvania we are paying for the quiet winter we had last year. We have had a lot of snow and ice thus far and the temperatures have been rather brutal, with wind chills in the negative range.

I constantly reinforce that vintage garments have been made in such a way that doesn't exist today. This could not be more true than with winter coats. The material is warmer, the construction is superb, and the silhouettes are creative.

Right now I have quite a few vintage coats for sale, but below are the standouts.

#1. Vintage Orange Winter Coat 

No one wore an orange coat (or any coat) like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The famous shoplifting scene pictured below is one of my favorites from the film. Orange, unlike red or yellow, flatters a lot of different skin tones, making it an easy color to wear.

My coat measures 38" at the bust and 35" in length. While there is no size tag I believe that it would fit a medium best. Made by Peabody House, this coat also features a tag for The Johnston Store in Bedford, PA. The coat does have some general wear but overall it is in amazing shape. Features a breathable lining and an extra button. Available for purchase here.

#2. Vintage Faux Leopard Coat

The battle for and against fur has gone on for years. Some people support the fur industry and others condone it. I say the best way to stay out of an argument and avoid being splattered by paint is to wear faux fur. Bridgette Bardot, pictured below, is wearing real fur. I decided to use her as an example because she is now an animal rights activist, so no more pelts for her. 

My coat measures 16" shoulder to shoulder, 48" at the bust, and 30.5" in length. It would fit a size large best. This coat is available through Paypal and ship. Please contact me for more information. 

#3. Vintage Gray and Orange Belted Coat

I really cold not find a single image of any old hollywood celebrity wearing a coat like this, perhaps that makes it all the more unique?

This is an immaculate vintage winter coat with unique detailing. On the interior, there is a gray faux fur lining. On the outside, the coat features an adjustable belt and shoulder snap closures. The bust measures 44", the sleeves measure 24", and the coat is 34" in length. Available for purchase here.

Winter will come and go, but having a well made coat is very important as it will last you for many years. If you have any questions about these coats or any others feel free to contact me. I ship continental and worldwide. 

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