Sunday, September 21, 2014

In Preparation for My Favorite Holiday: Vintage Halloween Photos

Most people count down the days until Christmas, I count down the days until Halloween. I don't remember when I started to like the holiday so much but its simplicity is something that I enjoy. For someone who works long hours like me, a holiday without obligations is quite nice and stress free. You can be whatever or whoever you want to be and eat an obscene amount of candy without judgment as there are no "after Halloween diets"like some other holidays. Another plus of Halloween? Little to no spending of money! Don't get me wrong, I love buying presents for people on all present-giving holidays but on Halloween you can get creative and put together a costume right from your closet for free! Speaking of free, here are some vintage Halloween photos for your enjoyment. Happy Sunday everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Other People's Trash Vintage Clothing at The Mushroom Festival

If you live in the Philadelphia area chances are you know that Kennett Square is the Mushroom Capital of the World. Every September the borough holds its annual Mushroom Festival celebrating our favorite fungi. For the last two years I have held a vintage sale during the festival and this year will be no different! Come shop with me on September 6th and 7th and enjoy all that Kennett Square has to offer. Admission to the festival is $2.00 and goes toward non-profit organizations.

My vintage clothing collection has grown exponentially since last year making it easier for everyone to find that perfect piece. I will be offering vintage clothing and accessories for women, men, and children in a wide variety of categories.

- Tops
- Pants
- Jeans
- Skirts
- Skorts
- Shorts
- Dresses
- Vests
- Jackets
- Blazers
- Coats
- Shoes
- Belts
- Suspenders
- Ties
- Purses
- Scarves
- Hats
- Suitcases
- Jewelry
- Aprons
- Crop Tops

Working hard to label hundreds of pieces of vintage!
A photo from last year's Mushroom Festival. 
I love my clothing tags! Many items are under $50!

If you are in the area next weekend please stop by my sale! Email me at otherpeoplestrashvintage@gmail.com for more info.